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The Marina is situated in the Bristol City Docks Floating Harbour and offers attractive, safe and secure moorings for boats to a maximum length of 21m (70FT) There are private toilet & shower facilities, car parking and launderette, berths are serviced with mains electricity (240 volt) fresh water, WIFI, and telephone connections are available with written consent from the Marina office.

Bristol Marina premises are equipped with secure access, 24 hour CCTV & security lighting; a staff member is resident on the premises.

Berthing periods are from one day through to annual with a wide variety of payment options. A limited number of berths are allocated for ‘live aboard’ use subject to conditions.

Payment Terms: Above rates are ‘NET’ of settlement discount for payment received within 21 days of billing date, or immediate payment conditional when leaving marina premises.

Marina berth charges are subject to a minimum length charge of 6 metres. Navigation in the City Docks and use of entrance locks requires a navigation license. The Marina are agents for the issue of short term licenses.

Rates for Multi-hulls, commercial and certain other vessels are subject to individual quotation.

The above rates apply from 01/04/17 and are subject to change without notice. Availability of annual, half year, and quarterly rates are restricted to certain dates.

Duration of stay.

No marina bething required
Staying less than 14 days
Staying longer than 14 days

Price includes City Docks Navigation Licence and free electricity.

Length of craft.

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Quarter year berthings are available to start from April, July, October and January.

Half yearly berthings are available to start from April and October.

Annual berthings are available to start from April only.

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