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Boat Yard

We feel that we are not just a marina. We are very proud to offer an extensive and fully equipped, working boat yard; something which is becoming increasingly rare to find.

The boat yard adjoins the marina and lifting dock; offering an ideal place to carry out everything from minor maintenance works, major refits or even new-boat building. Adequate working space is provided and we offer limited availability of a covered workshop.

Customer new-build and refit projects have included:

  • A replica 40ft steel 'Looe Lugger' which is now afloat and has undergone sea trials
  • Ex MFV 'Courageous' which has undergone an extensive refit is now ready for sea
  • The 50ft Schooner 'Whydah', built here from scratch and now in operation as a charter yacht
  • A new construction 58ft replica Dutch Barge

You may wish work on craft yourself or can employ your own independent contractor, without penalty (subject to conditions).

Being in the centre of a large city, such as Bristol, makes it easy to obtain specialist parts or skills. A well stocked chandlery, sail makers and riggers operate from the premises. The marina holds a list of specialist tradesmen, suppliers and certain work can be undertaken by our own workshops.

Marina Travelift

Bristol Marina can provide the use of a travel lift (maximum capacity 50 tons) and ancillary craneage.

Lift out and re-launch dates are flexible given reasonable notice.

Our Marina staff have been involved in the marine trade for a great number of years and are sympathetic to the needs of our berth holders. Great care is exercised when handling or lifting customer vessels.

Travel Lift
Travel Lift
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