Navigation is subject to Collision Regulations and bye-laws made under the Bristol Docks Act and any latest amendments. The whole of the City Docks should be regarded as a narrow channel.

The speed limit for pleasure craft is 6mph unless special permission has been obtained from the Harbour Master.

Attention is drawn to the risk of collision at the approaches to all bridges. Vessels should sound one prolonged blast before going through any bridgeways.

Powered vessels should slow down when passing pleasure craft moorings, sailing dinghies, canoes or rowing boats. As a general rule, a vessel should not be going so fast as to cause a breaking wave.

Floating Harbour and Feeder Canal

The Floating Harbour and Feeder Canal are open for navigation by day and by night, although Netham Lock at the far end of the Feeder Canal is closed at night.

The Floating Harbour is frequently dredged to maintain water depth. Dredgers display the signals prescribed in the Collision Regulations. Do not pass on the side of a dredger on which there is displayed two black balls or two red lights in a vertical line. Vessels should proceed on the side of two green lights or two diamonds in a vertical line.

Cumberland Basin (Entrance Lock)

Cumberland Basin is controlled by the Dock Master 0117 927 3633.
VHF: LOW POWER ONLY on Channel 14 calling "CITY DOCKS RADIO" During Tidal Watch.

Optimum times for entry & departure lockings - hours/minutes before high water.

Entry 2 hours 35 mins1 hour 25 mins15 mins
Depart 2 hours 50 mins1 hour 40 mins30 mins

Prince Street Bridge

Prince Street Bridge is operated between the following times

  • Summer 0930 to 2200
  • Winter 0930 -1615

Please contact the Harbour Office or Local Notices to Mariners.

Local Notices to Mariners

These notices contain important information on:

  • temporary navigational directions and/or restrictions, and
  • notification of water-based events in the harbour

The notices are numbered consecutively with two digits each for the number of the notice and the year it was issued, for example Notice No 35/09 means notice 35 of the year 2009.

Please take the time to study these pages as they are in force for the safety of all harbour users and will help you make the most of your visit to Bristol Harbour.

Local Notices to Mariners

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